Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Tubing

Pete emailed a bunch of us to go tubing two weeks ago and we hoped the weather cooperated.  It wasn't what we expected but it was very enjoyable with great people. 

On St. Patrick's Day 2013 the group met up to tube down a stream in Wahiawa.  On that days adventure was Cory, Pete, Jason, Katie, August, Duc, Dave, Dan, Hawkins, Dave Webb, Elissa, and I.  Twelve people tubing down a stream!  I had never been on this type of adventure but ever since someone introduced it to the hiking community it's been blowing up like crazy this past year.  The most perfect time to go would be if it rained a few days then going right after with hopes that it'd be sunny and good weather that day.  Of course rain didn't cooperate and so we did it anyways!  People were asked to dress up in full St. Patrick's Day gear... Green was sufficient enough!  (I wasn't wearing any green so at the end of the hike near my car a kid came up to me and pinched me!) 

We hiked in for about 45 minutes and blew up all our tubes.  Some of us got dressed up with costumes, others were partaking in some adult beverages before the long 7 hour journey down stream  I on the other hand was getting set up with my Gopro and getting ready to try my best to stay warm.  Even though the sun was out the stream can be very cold with the wind blowing.  Imagine that with overcast skies and rain!  ( I know a few people that did that and I think I would die.)  Anyways since it didn't rain for a while it made for some, getting outta your tube walking a bit and jumping back on it when it was deep enough to tube.  Even though we had to do it multiple times it was good times with good company.  Near the end of the adventure there was a jump spot we had done before so we had to take advantage of us being there! 

Please enjoy the video and pictures!  3 out of the 4 pictures were taken by Hawkins so please go and visit her awesome website!

The only picture I shot on this adventure!  (Gopro)

Happy Bee and Cory in a kilt! 

I was dumb and went face first in one of the swimming holes.  It was VERY uncomfortable because I couldn't use the paddle!  

We made a inner tube sculpture.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Thin ridge up above Kahana

The last time I did this hike was back in 2011 when Kaleo and I were hiking on a weekly basis.  Things changed and he is a busy man now.
This morning I went to do a surf check because the forecast was calling it 3-5 ft on the North Shore with south winds.  I met up with a friend to check at Ehukai and when I got there the surf was a piddly chest high and mushy because there was a hint of West in the wind.  I quickly called up my girlfriend and told her to bring my hiking gear with her so I could meet up with her and hike with her group.
I drove over to Kahana Bay and met up with the group around 9 and pushed off towards the summit.  We hit the summit and took a good 15 minute rest before we made our way along a craggy summit.  It was a hot day because the trades were gone and the sun was blazing hot.  It was slow progress with such a big group but sure enough we made it up and down the teeth without injury.  By 1ish we were making our way back to our cars and we decided to all eat at Papa Ole's.

Enjoy the pics and video

 I only snapped a few pics because I was more focused on capturing the video aspect of the hike!

Front L. to R. Ryan Chang and Jenelyn Castillo.  Behind Ryan is Baron Yamamoto
Last Row: Roger Sourychack, Katie Ersbak, Darren Ito, Agnes, Mike Bishop, Keli'i Sur, and Aaron Toma.

Walking along a ridge above Kahana from Ryan Chang on Vimeo.

 WARNING: Before attempting this hike please know what you are getting yourself into before you choose to do this hike.  It is VERY DANGEROUS.  I know a person who has fallen off and has gotten injured.  

Sunday, March 10, 2013

From the Northshore to the Ko'olau Summit

Last weekend I spent with friends on the North shore on Saturday.  I tried to surf some Ehukai but the conditions weren't the best.  Was windy, 6-8 ft washing machine in the morning.  I caught a few waves and headed in and went over to V-land to hang out with some of Katie's friends.  We chatted a bit and then headed over to Kahuku Superette to eat some poke.  After that we went to Waimea to boulder a little.  My friends Ross and Jason hopped in at Waimea catching some monster 6ft shorebreak.  I was a little hesitant at first but eventually I made my was into the water to shoot them surfing. 
The day didn't end there, Cory and Kaiser decided to come down and boulder a little and after they finished we made our way to Sunset bunkers where we ate some food and enjoyed the view.

Ross pictured above in a little nugget at Waimea Bay.  

No one on this one. 

The day after we decided to hike up to the summit using a lesser known trail in Nu'uanu.  We saw a few waterfalls and made our way to the summit.  When our group reached the top we met up with Ahnate, the person that did the whole Waianae summit in one trek.  The group made there way to a few ridges over and took some pictures on some native plants and came back.  I on the other hand went and came back and chatted a bit with Ahnate.  We talked about our hiking journey's around the island.  He talked about his trek on the Waianaes. 
Sooner than later the group was back and we made our way back to our cars and ended our journey.  I was beat after this long weekend and slept in on Monday!  

Enjoy the pics and video! 

 The first waterfall on our way up!

 Downtown off in the distance.
The group making their way to the next ridge. 

Some views on the Windward side of the island.  


Ehukai Pillboxes and Mo'ole to Lanihuli from Ryan Chang on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mid morning wave shooting

If you know me I like to shoot shore break waves. I usually shoot near my house either at Makapu'u or Sandy Beach. The thrill of capturing a wave on a camera is so fun. Here are a few pictures I captured these past two days at Sandy beach. The first day was on the 6th and the conditions were ok.

There was a small sand bar and trade winds blowing 20 mph. Sun was out and blazing. There were two other guys with gopros as well. We chatted a little but we were more focused on getting some pictures!

 This barreling wave came to me early in the session.  It seemed as though no one was in the water but just a break over there were about 12 guys out body surfing or body boarding.  

This wave passed the sand bar and stood up in shallow waters.  I'd say it was solid 2ft (Hawaiian size)

A small escape hatch looking at Koko Crater.

A bunch of these came late in my session.  The Gopro was dying and this was one of my last waves I caught.  

The wave turned into a curtain crashing onto shore.  

On the 7th I went out around 9 am to Sandy Beach Park again.  As I pulled into the parking lot a set rolled in and it was barreling.  I quickly parked near the showers and wondered why there weren't too many cars in the lot like yesterday.  I came to the quick realization that the waves were really small, I second guessed going in because it looked like a waste of time but I had to take advantage of the really light trades.  It was completely different in the way the wave face had barely any texture on it.  I slowly put on some sunscreen and looked at the flags barely flapping in the wind.  Here are a few gems a caught on a bright March day.  

 When I got this wave there was some texture on the water but I liked the way the sun was beaming through the top of the wave.  Today I was a little closer to the lifeguard station instead of sitting at "Chambers" where I was sitting yesterday.  

Look how clean the wave is.  No texture and just a FAT lip coming down.  

I took roughly 600 pictures today and this was my last wave.  It was bending towards me and I had to take advantage of being outside of the barrel and shooting into it.  

Of course I touch up my pictures.  What are your thoughts on touching up pictures?  Does it make it better?  Should people "lie"?

This is the final product when it goes through Lightroom 4