Monday, October 27, 2014

Panorama trail to Yosemite Valley floor

I think the best hike we did during our stay was this hike.  Panorama trail starts high above the valley floor at Glacier Point.  The plan was to take a shuttle up to Glacier point and hike our way down to the valley floor where we would leave our car. 

Since we had to commute from Tuolmne meadows camp site we woke up early and hopped in the car before the sun was up.  Took the hour drive down to the valley floor and took a shuttle up to Glacier point by 8am.  We didn't start the hike till about 9 because when we got to the top the view was jaw dropping.  Half Dome was directly in front of us and Yosemite Valley floor was way down there. 

The start of the hike was a few switch backs and some contouring down to Little Yosemite Valley.  The first waterfall we hit was Illiouette falls.  We stopped at an overlook before we hit the stream bed.  The waterfall was trickling because it was so late in the summer but, that was ok.  We headed down to the stream bed and took a long break, ate lunch and took a dip in the cold river water.  It was really refreshing! 

After lunch and a break we had to do the hardest part of the trail.  We had to gain a little elevation.  It was difficult for us because we were already so high up, us Hawaii people aren't used to hiking at elevation.  Huffing and puffing we finally hit a high point and the trail kind of leveled off.  The next stop was Nevada Falls.  Just under a half mile off the main trail it was worth a visit.  We were greeted by hoards of people.  Chilling under and over a bridge and in the stream so close to the edge of the waterfall.  It was a little disconcerting to see people so close to the edge just to get a picture. 

After Nevada Falls we were feeling a little tired but we made our way down to Vernal Falls overlook.  After about an hour of hiking we hit the stream that Vernal falls gets it's water from.  We took a break there for some photos and water.  There were more and more people the further we got down the trail.  We were all getting tired and hungry.  Before we got to the bottom we all agreed to shower and eat in Yosemite Valley.  Dinner was pizza! 

On the Mist Trail we saw the bottom of Vernal Falls, a big pool that people were swimming in.  It looked inviting but it would have made us late for pizza!  We booked it down the trail and headed to Curry Village. 

The trail we took today was a good day hike.  A solid 8 mile one way hike.  If you have questions ask here! 

I could have stayed here all day and watched this view. 

Heading down a few switchbacks through pine trees. 

Sick views of Half Dome. 

Jenny and Katie blazing their way down the trail. 

Illiouette Falls

Looking down.  

Cooling down.

The top of Nevada Falls.

Deep blue pool made it look inviting but one fumble on this slick granite could prove fatal.

Nevada Falls and a barely visible rainbow. 

Bet these fall colors would be epic if it were later in the year. 

Twins were loving the view!

Vernal Falls overlook. 

Christian taking a break and using the tripod for the stream shot.

The pool was inviting but the pizza was calling my name. 

Panorama trail to Valley floor from Ryan Chang on Vimeo.

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