Monday, February 25, 2013

Good finds and exercising the camera

This weekend was filled with work and lots of play.  Friday night I had to work a pool party with my kids at the Y.  But Saturday I had no plans to do anything until the night before.  Katie and I decided to try and find some waterfalls out in Kahalu'u.  When we got there we just saw a few trickles so we decided on a back up plan.

Not too far away we decided to hike in Waihe'e Valley and find two waterfalls.  It was her first time there so she was quite excited.  The weekend before I did the "Harlem Shake" youtube video there and it brought the most views to my Youtube channel ever in a weeks time.  We went to both falls and did a little exploring.  We climbed up three or four tiers at the second waterfall.  What was interesting was that after the third tier of the waterfall there wasn't as much water flowing above as below.  Meaning that there had to be a source of water coming from somewhere below or near where we were.  We looked around and found a few fresh water springs!  The water was coming straight from the rock filtered through the Earth.  Katie decided to look a little more and come back down... I asked "Any water up there?"  She replied, "Just a trickle."  So unlike most waterfalls where water comes straight from the top of the Ko'olau's and down and creates waterfalls this waterfall is spring fed!
That was the end of our adventure on Saturday, she had to be somewhere so I decided to check out the beach.  That day my kids and some of the advisors that work with me hit up the beach.  I met up with them at Waimanalo Bay otherwise known as Sherwoods.  I bodyboarded and enjoyed the waves for a few hours and called it a day.

Sunday I planned to hike with Josh, Baron, and a new person Janice.  We went exploring for some waterfalls.  What's amazing is that it's somewhere you would not expect... I'm not gonna delve into too much detail because it's probably one of the less frequented trails.  We were greeted by the bluest fresh water I had ever seen in pools on Oahu!  The hike took a little longer because we used the natural beauty of the area to TRY and capture it on our cameras.  If you know anything about shooting photos it's extremely difficult to shoot under a canopy because of the harsh contrast of sunlight and shade.  I did my best to capture our adventure on my Gopro and Canon camera.  If you ever do find this place please keep it the way it was found, it's really a true gem hidden on Oahu. 

Please enjoy the pics!

 It really difficult shooting under a canopy, the harsh contrast of the sun light coming in makes it difficult.  In the foreground there is a mini cascade and if you look close enough there is another small cascade in the back. 

 Josh and Janice shooting a small cascade and a really blue pool.  

 One of my favorite pics is this "Floating rock" picture.  

 Water flowing over the stream bed.

 The whole time it was pretty surreal because of this streams location.  

 There were a few flumes along the hike with water flowing through them.

 This picture was taken on top of the "Floating Rock" picture.  Check out the ants on the leaf!
 The tallest waterfall along our hike spilling into a blue pool.

 It was hard shooting what I wanted to capture because of the light along the way BUT the sun also gave us rainbows if you were in the right spot!  

 Here is Baron chillin in one of the final blue pools.  

Last shot is the low perspective shot of this tree. 

All of my shots were taken with my Canon T2i and kit lens.  A little editing of the photos were done but nothing drastic was changed with the photo.  

Shot on the Gopro Hero 3.  Sherwoods was a fun 2 ft windy sandbar. 

This video is from the Saturday hike above the waterfalls... looking where our water comes from!

Blue Water Gulch from Ryan Chang on Vimeo.

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  1. I like his chillin' style lol :) the water does look really blue!