Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Climbing into the 2013

I've been on a 5-6 month hiatus from the climbing gym I used to frequent.  The reason was that the surf was good and I was spending LOTS of time in the water either shooting or bodyboarding some pretty sizeable waves.  But finally I got back into Volcanic Rock Gym and got to climb again.  I thought it'd be an easy task to just start off where I left off; I was wrong.  When I got back I flashed a few V3's and some V2's but as soon as I was done with those few problems I really started to struggle.  Even with V1's!!!  So I definitely have some catching up to do!  They also added a whole new room that I had never even seen before so I'm really excited to get back into the game.  Anyone else want to join?

5-6 months of this has been keeping me away from the gym.

Struggling with a problem.

Some encouragement and spotting from Cory Yap

Defeat in the new cave.

Pictures in VRG were taken by Aprille Manzano, Thanks!

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