Sunday, January 27, 2013

Almost as bright as the sun!

Before the rain and stormy weather comes the night before was a fun one to remember.  On Saturday January 27 we decided to hike up the light house trail for some social time and to watch the full moon rise.

We met at Jason's house and piled into his truck while others decided to do a short bike ride to the light house.  We got dropped off and pick up by Jason's mother.  (Thank you)  We enjoyed each other company and saw a really bright full moon.  Some drank adult beverages and others enjoyed the full moon.  I shot some photos and here they are!  Enjoy!


Sunset before nightfall

Full moon and the lighthouse in the foreground. 

The group enjoying the view.

Night time photo opportunities! 

Of course Pete had to come with a costume!  (Blinking man)

Full Moon from Ryan Chang on Vimeo.

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