Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Rant...


I'm using this blog as a look back and a journal, not an informational guide on hikes/surf/eat spots.  If you take it as an informational guide hope you do your research and ask the right question to the right people. 

I like taking people on hikes and informing them on what is right and wrong.  I do it for a living where I teach young adults right from wrong.  I try my best to teach people how to take care of the land; place names are important to me!  I hope that everyone gets out there and enjoys nature in a SAFE manner!  These past few years I've hiked with lotsa different people.  Some of the people I've hiked with are starting to close these things down or update it less frequently.  For good purposes too! 

I'm trying out blogging for 2013 cuz that was my New Years Resolution.  But lately over the past few years there has been tons of rescues and people passing away from POSSIBLY an indirect link to blogging and giving directions to people to hikes they MAY not be able to complete.   So if you have questions on anything I do just ask. 

My hikes are named differently to protect YOU!  I'm not saying you cannot do the hike or surf the spot, I'm just saying that I don't know everyone that frequents this blog and I'm trying to protect those people from getting hurt/killed/rescued.

 So again please enjoy my blog for its pictures and videos! =)  

P.S. Sorry my thoughts were just scribbled down and not really thought out in a paragraph form... you don't care right?  If you do no need look! k shoots!

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